Cyber Security Cloud VPN for SMBs

Business VPN is a secure, fully-managed cybersecurity solution that provides small and medium-sized businesses peace of mind by protecting employees from hackers and malware, and enhancing corporate security with its powerful data loss prevention and auditing features.

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Why Use BusinessVPN...

Restrict access

To unsafe and inappropriate sites

Protect company secrets

Like corporate documents and passwords

Secure on-the-go

By blocking threats on public Wi-Fi

Monitor network activity

Based on the policies you set

By 2021, annual cybercrime costs are expected to hit $6 trillion. BusinessVPN protects your company's data and prevents malicious software from infecting your networks.

Fully Managed Solution

No hardware or server software to deploy. We handle security updates seamlessly

Advanced Data Protection

Protect your company's most valuable data from being observed and stolen by malware or phishing

Central Management

Manage users, see who is secured, and block sites and apps from the all-in-one management portal

Discover how you can protect your business!

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